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Magnitude Solutions Inc.




G-Code and CNC Milling Video Tutorial


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***Please note that the actual video is higher quality than the YouTube Preview***




Learn the basic and advanced features of G-Codes and CNC Milling step by step with the G-Code and CNC Milling Tutorial Course by Magnitude Solutions Inc. The Course plays instantly on your computer and comes with its own menu and media player so there is no instillation required. Just insert the USB and choose what lesson you want from the menu. You're able to play, pause, rewind or fast forward at anytime giving you the flexibility to learn at your own individual pace. These tutorials are made by industry professionals and university lecturers who will give you the tools to learn and master G-Codes and CNC Milling quickly and easily. This G-Codes and CNC Milling Tutorial Course comes with everything listed below.

  • 50 Video Tutorials

  • 3.25 Hours in Length
  • Project part files required to follow the tutorials

  • Screen Resolution of 1280 x 800

  • Audio narration for each tutorial from start to finish


  • G-Code Simulator


This is the most complete and comprehensive tutorial available. It is perfect for beginners as well as advanced G-Code and CNC Milling users. These are the tutorials included for the course.

1. Course Introduction 26. Feed Rate Exercise
2. CNC Simulator 27. Spindle Rotation
3. G-Codes 28. Tool Change Operation
4. G-Code Structure 29. Tool Coolant
5. Part Dimensions 30. Plane Selection
6. Tool Bit Settings 31. Selecting Units
7. Rapid Motion G00 32. Work Coordinate System
8. Linear Interpolation G01 33. Multiple Work Parts
9. Absolute Values G90 34. Center Drill Introduction
10. Incremental Value G91 35. Center Drill Exercise
11. Tool Bit Height 36. Drilling Introduction
12. Slot Sequence (i) 37. Drilling Exercise
13. Slot Sequence (ii) 38. Drilling Cycle
14. Slot Sequence (iii) 39. Retract to Plane
15. Slot Sequence (iv) 40. Retract to R-Value
16. Clockwise Circular Interpolation G02 41. Introduction to Spot Face and Counter Bore
17. Counter Clockwise Circular Interpolation G03 42. Spot Face and Counter Bore Exercise
18. Circular Slot I J K Method 43. Part Project Exercise (i)
19. Complete Circle 44. Part Project Exercise (ii)
20. Circular Slot Exercise (i) 45. Part Project Exercise (iii)
21. Circular Slot Exercise (ii) 46. Part Project Exercise (iv)
22. Circular Slot Exercise (iii) 47. Part Project Exercise (v)
23. Spindle Speed Introduction 48. Part Project Exercise (vi)
24. Spindle Speed Exercise 49. Part Project Exercise (vii)
25. Feed Rate Introduction  
50. Part Project Final Design